Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea

Published: 02nd December 2011
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So, it was herbal tea! According to the Independent, Silvio Berlusconi’s age-defying looks are a living proof that herbal tea has many health benefits. Containing no caffeine and having a great taste, it is easy to see why the wily old-old really?-man resorted to this drink to maintain his excellent form, both in politics and other fields.

Originating from the orient, this beverage has torn its way across the world; this form of beverage is slowly gaining popularity in this age of health consciousness. This is attributable not only to the deep and rich taste that a cup offers though, but to the added nutritive and medicinal benefits that it offers.

Herbal tea can take two varied forms: the first consisting of a variant of tea where in the only thing that bears similarity to normal tea is he name. This form consists of infusions known as tisanes that are seeped for their nutritive and medicinal values.

The other form is normal tea and is not so usual. Is consists of adding the plant extracts to normal tea so as to add to the flavor.
When taking a cup of fresh, delicious, and highly rich and tasteful tea, you get the added benefit of getting a jolt of nutritive immune boosters and others.

Known ever since the dawn of civilization for the beneficial effects herbal tea has for the body in terms of assisting the nervous and digestive system, modern day science has determined the added pay offs to range from simple anti-oxidative properties being conveyed to the body but also is believed to help with immune deficiencies such as HIV.

Depending on the ingredients used, herbal tea may convey anything from boosting immunity systems, preventing colds, stimulating body organs and boosting energy reserves to relieving stress, encouraging restful sleep and producing a calming effect.

With the composition of herbal tea featuring anything from dried flowers and leaves to roots or seeds, some concern is raised as to toxicity. The habit of making concoctions, yes, concoctions can be taken a step too far and one makes the mistake of adding something whose nature they are ignorant of.

It is for this reason that it is advised that rather than prepare your own cup, stick to buying ready made preparations from stores the world over. The fear here is minimal however, with most countries not overly concerned with the issue.

If anything, the greatest danger lies in the chemicals added during cultivation and in this, herbal tea is the same as any other tea.
You can prepare your own cup of richly flavored herbal tea by simply pouring boiling water over plant extracts.

The desired nutrients and flavors are then dissolved and after straining, one can indulge in the products of their efforts. Thee plant extracts can have the flavors of anything ranging from grass and roots to flower flavors and herbs.

Popular variants include chamomile, cherry, foxtrot, pina colada, peppermint, spearmint, chrysanthemum, cinnamon, hawthorne, parsley and raspberry among others, but hey, don’t let me lead you by the nose. Hop down to the nearest store and order each and every single cup that you can.

I would advise practicing some restraint though, not because herbal tea presents any danger whatsoever but because your social image might suffer some damage if you are seen to make regular trips to the rest rooms.

Among the advantages of taking herbal tea are its restorative effects on the digestive and blood circulatory systems, flushing out toxins and restoring the body’s health and vigor; just look at Berlusconi and determine for yourself whether I am pulling your leg.

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